Sunday, September 21, 2008

Interviewing 319 on Sunday morning of ESOAL


Jennifer said...

Excellent job Alisa! I'm proud of you for going back and doing it; I know you didn’t really “go back”, but you know what I mean. Knowing what to expect it couldn't have been an easy thing walking into it. I've been watching for your videos throughout ESOAL to see if you made it to the end. I'm excited you did. It gives me hope that if I should ever get up the courage to go back for ESOAL that I could make it to the end too; actually I would be happy if I could make it for at least 24 hours. I hope Heath is letting you sleep in and massaging your sore muscles.

Heath take care of your wife! Next year it's your turn to go through it. =)

Marybeth said...

Great going Alisa. Thanks Heath for all these updates and videos. They were a blessing during this event!