Thursday, September 17, 2009

Marching to the next evolution


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The OC filled with water

View from the front lines


Your kids have undertaken an incredible task of trying to finish ESOAL. As I watched the interns begin ESOAL last night, I was so impressed, as I am each year that they are going to start something that is going to challenge them. What a challenge they are to me as I see them pushing themselves, relying on their teams, and asking God for the strength to continue.

I encourage you to keep leaving comments after the video's so that your young adults can read them after their ESOAL experience is completed.

Heath Stoner

Interns on Anvil

Ron Luce speaks to families

Ron Luce shares at beginning of ESOAL

Interns waving hi to families at beginning of ESOAL

Beginning of ESOAL 2009