Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why I Haven’t Quit Being a Youth Pastor

It was five years ago that the Youth Pastor sat me down and asked me if I would be willing to take over the Youth Pastor job, as he was going to England to be a missionary. Five years later I am still the YP. Here’s why I am still involved in the youth ministry and why I still enjoy it:

1. Students worshipping the Lord

What an incredible experience it is to go into a room full of teenagers and see them worshipping the Lord and encountering the presence of the Lord in their lives! I never get tired of seeing them pondering who God is and seeking Him for their own life.
2. Teens owning their faith

To sit with a teenager or hear them share with the entire group how they are sharing their faith or living out their faith is incredible. I love to hear it. It challenges me in my own faith to grow more and more with the Father.
3. Longevity as a Youth Pastor is critical in the lives of teens

I see each year as a YP that the more I grow in relationships with the teens, the more I gain their trust. I can’t imagine staying as a YP for a year and then going to the next church. Teens want consistency. I want consistency. Consistency as a YP is probably more important than what is taught. Consistency = faithfulness.

4. My free time is all about the teens

Being a YP demands that I use my free time to build relationships and grow in my own relationship with the Lord. I am constantly thinking about how I can use my free time to benefits the lives of my teens.
5. A Great Pastor and Elders

Having a supportive Pastor and Elders makes my position as a YP enjoyable. I could not be the YP I am without their support.

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