Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Encouraging Your Worship Leader

I am privileged enough to have a worship band in the youth ministry as well as an excellent worship leader. I have had 3 worship leaders during my 5 years as a Youth Pastor. Here are some things I have done to encourage my worship leader.

1. Give them feedback

My current leader just started leading a few months ago and several times she has asked me how she is diong. Worship leaders are looking for feedback and looking for it often.

2. Let them see you worshipping
I can't think of anything worse than a worship leader looking out at the crowd and seeing the Youth Pastor looking back at them with no expression or not worshipping with the rest of the group. When your worship leader is singing, make sure you are too. If your worship leader gives direction to the group, make sure you are responding to their direction.

3. Talk about them to your students often
When I get around the students one-on-one, I talk very favorably about my worship leader. When I have had the transition from the old worship leader to the new one, I have always had some of the teens comment about how they like the previous style, how they sang, etc. It is my job as the Youth Pastor to listen to them and then re-focus them on the great gifts our new worship leader has and how God has brought them to lead us in worshipping the Lord.

4. Publicly praise them
Whenever you get the chance, publicly share with the group of teens why you appreciate your worship leader.

Here are just a few ways we as Youth Pastors can encourage our worship leaders so they will be nourished as they lead us into the presence of God.

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