Friday, September 17, 2010

Mom from Alabama watching her son go through ESOAL

Here is a mom, Edith Reynolds, that drove from Alabama to watch her son participate in ESOAL.


NH Mom said...

Thank you Mom from Alabama! It does this mom's heart good to hear you are there when we can't be! It's tough, being far away, knowing they're going through so much. Yet, I know its part of letting go, and letting God take over their lives completely! Praying for strength and peace for each and every parent who is stalking this blog trying to get bits and pieces of information and put their minds to rest! :) God is amazing and has called our kids to something that He has also equipped them for, working in them His plan and purpose! Praise Him!

Claudette said...

Yes, Thank You! As a mother who had never heard of ESOAL I have learned much since my son began his journey Wednesday evening. Some of what I've read is a bit scary so knowing that you are on site eases my tension. I look forward to every comment on this blog!

Anonymous said...

I too live a long way from Texas and appreciate you taking the time to go and then to share your thoughts. It has been a prayerful time so far and we won't let up until it is over. Life can be hard but thankfully God is so good!