Thursday, September 17, 2009

View from the front lines


Your kids have undertaken an incredible task of trying to finish ESOAL. As I watched the interns begin ESOAL last night, I was so impressed, as I am each year that they are going to start something that is going to challenge them. What a challenge they are to me as I see them pushing themselves, relying on their teams, and asking God for the strength to continue.

I encourage you to keep leaving comments after the video's so that your young adults can read them after their ESOAL experience is completed.

Heath Stoner


Jenkins said...

Get em Heath! We are praying for the interns! Always an exciting time.

Tracy Johnson said...

I'm so excited for the '09-'10 HA Interns!!

My son is a CA this year (Hugs and Prayers to the BROTHERHOOD!) and is looking forward to participating in ESOAL as a facilitator rather than a soldier.

He learned so much about himself... grew so much during that short period of time, and I know he's excited to see what the Lord is going to do in the hearts of his new family members... and in all this year's new interns.

We're praying for you guys!! Hang tough! Finish-Finish!!

ccback said...

Olivia, we are all praying for you! We know you can do it and that you'll be a great encouragement to all your teammates! We always thank God for all of you, mentioning you in our prayers.We continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ!
I love you,

Rosie Diaz said...

Erika, I/we are soooo proud of you. I know that it was a real struggle leaving home and going all the way to Texas and yet you knew it was what the Lord wanted you to do, and now this!:) Sweetie, I know you will give it your have such potential and endurance that even you are not aware of. Be strong in Christ and know that we are fasting and praying for you, as well as the other interns continually. Love, Mommy, Benny, Nicole, Alexis, Sarah, Benny Paul, & Isaac

Lisa said...

I realize how old this post is however I did want to mention this to you here just in case you never read it there. As a reader of all the sites on the HA both Pro and Con and a former intern myself I wanted to thank you for being respectful and caring to those that were on the Recovering Alumni site. There are some of us that have real hurts from things that happened while we were there. That said I do think for some it is a beautiful place that can be used for good. While as a Psychologist by profession now I worry that some of the LTEs were not as well debriefed as they should have been as well as the final few weeks should be spent getting people ready to be Christ's love as well as knowing how things were done there. I do think I learned some valuable things about God and how to live outwardly for Christ. I do thank God for sending me to the HA however I realize where the broken bits of my psyche are from the experience and that makes me sad. Thank you for being honorable and the LOVE of Christ to the hurting they/we still need that from the leadership of the HA.