Friday, September 18, 2009

Update in the night


johnbailey64 said...

Wow.. I know you are still there.. I know you wont ring out! Glad to hear you'll get a break tonight while watching the movie! Love ya.. still praying!

Anonymous said...

Daniel Crockett, keep pushing forward. You've been an encouragement to your peers. Way to stay strong.

Montana, stick together. Don't be afraid to rely on one another. Don't be insecure or think about who is watching you. Just trust in God. It is God's ability in you that will get you through. Stand in faith that God will work through you.

Zack said...

I watched every ESOAL movie twice during my two ESOAL experience and don't remember too many specific details about them (although the periodic ice bucket head dips helped me out a bit).