Friday, October 31, 2008

Teen Perspectives

Today I'll be interviewing

Colin Conn

He likes to play guitar, ultimate frisbee, and eat
at buffets

Let's see what he has to say:

What three questions do you wish your YP or youth workers would have asked the teens in your youth group?
    • Questions that pin-point where a teen’s faith lies – holding them accountable to
      their walk with God. Like, “What did you read in the Bible this week?”
    • “What can I pray for you for?” It’s great to know someone’s there for you.
    • Also, so many teens have questions they want to ask, but they don’t feel comfortable
      asking them. There are so many things we’d like answers to – like dating, family
      problems, etc. If YP’s or youth workers just simply ask, “Do you have any
      questions for me?” it would open the door for the teens to ask those
      uncomfortable questions.

What is one thing YP’s don’t understand about public high school today?

The academic standards are set so low. Nothing is expected from even students like me who are in honors courses. We aren’t pushed to a high work ethic. I wish my teachers would have set a higher standard for me.

I didn’t go to public school all of my life, but I switched so I could be around more people. And once I got there I realized that I wasn’t surrounded by any solid Christian friends. The academics were such a waste of time too.

What is something you want YP’s to know?

Youth Ministry is so important! Keep sacrificing! I know what you guys do is
hard, but keep going. If you don’t, you’re going to wish you sacrificed more. My
generation is lost, and you’re their only hope to know the Lord. The teen years
are really the prime time for you to save souls. There’s such an open door that
so often gets closed after teens graduate from high school.

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