Friday, October 08, 2010

Interns at Jeep Swallower


That redheaded one said...

What I noticed about this is that it seems some kids were told to smile while some weren't the faces of the ones that weren't smiling probably tell a more truthful story. The "what about Joy" comment really doesn't seem to show a good amount of love or care for the interns. As a Psychologist I have to wonder what manipulation is going on here to get the comments you want to publish. I would love for a non-interested party to be able to interview participants through ESOAL I feel only by that will doubters and those that say things against this retreat be silenced.

Heath said...

You are welcome to come down to ESOAL next year and observe what the happens during ESOAL. Call me at 903.324.8052 and we can plan to make sure that happens.

Heath Stoner