Tuesday, February 03, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

1. I have seen Bigfoot. Some people call it a Sasquatch. You can call him what you want, but I saw him when I was 9 years old up in the Northern Hills of Michigan.

2. I have been skydiving twice.

3. My two bottom front teeth are chipped. I was playing basketball in 7th grade and dove for the ball, landed on my face, and felt the enamel in my mouth get chipped.

4. My wife is so easy to live with. She laughs, is smarter than I, sacrifices daily, and is the most creative, caring woman that I know. She is the perfect mom for our kids. She also grows in beauty each day. She controls her emotions, listens, serves, asks questions, is sincere, is humble, and enjoys IONA. She reads constantly to our kids. She already them hooked on the Chronicles of Narnia. What a Woman!

5. I enjoy studying money. I read about it daily. I try to figure out how to save it and maximize it in a variety of savings vehicles. I subscribe to 6 different financial mag's and read different financial newsletters.

6. I had a 30 year mortgage, but have found a way to take my mortgage down to 7 years without changing my payment to my mortgage company.

7. I plan on writing books. Been planning for about 8 years.

8. I own a 650cc Yamaha Motorcycle. I grew up on a 60cc Yamaha, moved up to a 175 IT, then had a 360 torquer, then used my dad's 1986 Yamaha 250cc, and now own my own.

9. I can't eat onions.

10. I love my mom and dad.

11. I am taking my wife on a big trip for our 10 year anniversary later this Spring.

12. I feel like I am continually lazy.

13. I bench pressed 350 lbs the month before I got married.

14. I have been to over 10 countries around the world. My favorites are Ghana, West Africa and Israel.

15. I work full time at Teen Mania, Youth Pastor at my local church, co-own a small business (www.rockwellscoffee.com), 2/3 of the way through my MBA program, and still have time to play brickbreaker.

16. I am part of a group of guys called The Trailer Club.

17. My son Zach has played organized soccer, baseball, but he begins playing football this fall at age 6.

18. I don't watch TV every year from after the Superbowl until September 1st. The reason is because football is not played during that time and we have our cable disconnected. I don't miss the TV once it is gone.

19. I live on 10 acres that is full of sand. Our land has 5 natural springs and we have trails throughout the property that I give rides to my kids on our 4-wheeler.

20. I am going to Scotland this summer.

21. I have 2 sister named Heather and Holli.

22. Mosquitoes are drawn to me. Whenever I go outside, they attack me. It is a gift I have.

23. I burn very easily from the sun. I got burned too many times growing up and I am pondering the thoughts on how this is going to affect me as I get older.

24. I work with teenagers at my local church and it energizes me to be around them and work with them.

25. I know some famous jokes that are very, very funny. I rarely tell them. But, when I do, they are legendary.


Rob N. said...

how is #6 possible? is this the thing that abeyta does? how is it that your payment hasn't changed?

i love #18 as well (i saw penn st destroy michigan last year at happy valley) i would like to go to ann arbor though... a guy in my small group is from there... so lets hope...

Anonymous said...

Very interesting stuff. I don't think #12 fits you or your lifestyle. Lazy? At Teen Mania? IMPOSSIBLE!